5 Kinds of Tears, part iii – 2011

This is part iii of my current body of work entitled 5 kinds of tears. Catalina de Siena, in her seminal work The Dialog, includes a chapter on which she classifies tears in 5 classes. Following, a prosaic pseudoscientific breakdown of my interpretations and the motivation for these 5 films:

I. Bad Tears: these engender death. They proceed from mortal sin and conduit towards it in a perfectly closed system. These are tears associated with hate, and desperation – they come from disorderly/issolated hearts. Nevertheless, they are considered perfect.

II. Tears of fear: fear to our own sins. They awaken us from sin out of deep fear of falling. These have unfounded motivations since they are not necessarily associated with redemption.

III (this film). Tears from servants: those that are associated with souls seeking to serve but realize the inherited loss and solitude. These gravitate around deprivement from visible consolation and are fundamentally centered on desperation and frustration due to the imperfections of the system. These are inconclusive tears within an open system, yet imperfect.

IIII Perfect tears: are those that emanate from souls that love in a perfect manner. They are based on frustration towards souls described at III.

V Sweet Tears: these are imperfect, yet more elevated that those in IIII and I. They are part of an infinitesimal impulse which occurs within a bilateral stare. At that moment two souls collapse and there is no time for tears to emerge. Nevertheless, they exist theoretically and, although imperfect, still qualify as the most elevated form of tears.


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