new album ~~~~ Todd’s Paresis ~~~~ out now

[ONE]  I was in the vicinity – El galeno saw me fall ‘2’ days ago – I had a seizure whiles in the offing – in the room of hearts or picas – cannot bring to mind. Galeno came out in the waiting room, which also had hearts and saw me trying to walk – my stance was aberrant and inconclusive. I couldn’t plan the first trance/stance because my left leg developed a weakness in the territory of the alpha dermatome – that that not prpoisense – it was turned in and very puny – not with an air of consolation and the committee arrived and dr, well. Todd’s Paresis.  [TWO] It was turned pigeon toed and I am walking on my – birds rushed against 2 diametrically opposed windows – shattered all bones and tinted the glass like frost – with my knee completely bent. It lasts anywhere from 27 minutes to an 20000 seconds or an a half and a quarter because 6 birds died – perhaps Todd’s or lack of aerial proprioception – i care if bones cannot be accounted anymore and the lack of fusion with frost or metal is imperfect. It only happens after my bigger seizures. (a) we have told. (x) every single bird. (n) one of my neurologists. (f) my right leg is fine. (q) does yet every bird has failed to transcend (xr). (Tao) Todd’s Paresis. (l) Never before. (phi) no other said anything. (int) How significant is this? (real) Todd’s Paralysis?

released 21 November 2011


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