QLD Conservatorium Electroacoustic Ensemble


Live electroacoustic improv. Jesus LopezDoNaDo, Lloyd Barrett, Mitch, Sedelle, Sophia, Tim and Holly

As part of my doctorate in musical arts at the Quensland Conservatorium, I recently started contributing to the Electroacoustic Ensemble (EA). The EA is moderated by composer Lloyd Barrett who is being lately producing very interesting music with a tool called metasynth: [check his music]. So far it’s being a pleasure to work with the ensemble and it is of great value for my composition-practice since the EA is a safe place to experiment with unstable/new improvisation live-sets and compositional ideas.

A set using a cocoquantus processing a feedback loop from a grand piano being concominatly exited by a sustainiac guitar sustainer pedal.

The aim of the EA at the QLD-Con is: ” This ensemble provides an opportunity to work with computers, electronic devices and acoustic instruments in the creation of live performance works that do not rely on traditional notation or the pitch/duration paradigm.  Students will collaborate to develop soundscapes from flexible performative frameworks that emphasise audio-visuality, dynamic timbre, spatial/environmental awareness and human movement/interaction “

Holly was building an Auduino contraption.

Another EA member, Sedelle, heavily processes her trumpet with effects and looper pedals.


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