LopezDoNaDo performing this Friday Brisbane 15 March, 7.30 pm, Queensland Conservatorium, South Bank – Basil Jones Concert Hall ++++++ i shall see you all there @ the international premiere of 18{6{6{6}}} @ QLD Conservatorium Brisbane – Evening of March 15 2013


Plutchik’s Wheel of Emotions (1980): Robert Plutchik created a
new conception of emotions in 1980. He called it the “wheel of
emotions” because it demonstrated how different emotions can blend
into one another and create new emotions. Plutchik first suggested 8
primary bipolar emotions: joy versus sadness; anger versus fear; trust
versus disgust; and surprise versus anticipation. From there Plutchik
identified more advanced emotions based on their differences in
intensities. If you look at the diagram below you can see how each
emotion relates to the other.

Those of you in Oz specially Brisbanedorfs are most welcome to attend my next live show. 1/2 hrs of Eurorack emotional distress at the Queensland Conservatorium Brisbane during the evening of March 15 2013.

BLURB as follows:

Title (short): 18{6{6{6}}}
Title (long) Spanish: dieciocho temas para seis movimientos de seis
individuos con seis sentimientos
Title (semi-long) English: 18 themes for 6 movements of 6 individuals
with 6 emotions

Performance synopsis:
You see, dear listener, there are many ways to classify emotions but 2
main systems have chiefly made it into the sacrosanct realm of
phsychology journals. Namely Plutchik’s Wheel of Emotions (1980) and
Parrots’ Classification of Emotions (2001). This is my proposal of a
lil’framework to abuse my modular synth based on 6 acquaintances’
emotions. I call it 18{6{6{6}}} which is a pseudo LISPian joke
describing how 18 eurorack modular synth patches produced 18 fragments
of sound that got labeled with Parrot’s and Plutchik’s tertiary
classes of emotions. The story goes onto how I trusted Drs Parrot and
Plutchik empirical grouping of these tertiary emotions into 6 primary
emotions. I then adventured into improvising 6 movements each using
exclusively patches that were blessed with either of 6 emotions as
perceived by my 6 close friends/colleagues. Finally, this becomes a
hypothetical imperfect parlour of 6 imperfect individuals for 6
perfect emotions and 6 imperfect music movements. To bring the spirits
up somehow the piece is summarised by a child poem that goes * Lukes
is for Love * & Joseph is for Joy & ^ Sam is for Surprise! ^ $ Ann is
for Anger $ % Sid is for Sadness % ,but, # Fred is for Fear #



1st Movement: Lukes is for Love * – 6min
2nd Movement: Joseph is for Joy & – 6min
3rd Movement:  Sam is for Surprise! ^ -6min
4th Movement: Ann is for Anger $ – 6min
5th Movenet: Sid is for Sadness % – 6min
6th Movement: Fred is for Fear # – 6min
*&^$%# = Names are not actual.

Adios, J LopezDoNaDo


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