Odes to Merzbow 2da – The confined birds (release on aug.11)

Oh Merzbow, you that have transcended the limit of distortion until the imitation of free birds – no soul can reflect in a mirror after confining free birds – they claim that … Serial highly organized cells like onions under the microscope but laking nuclei – like small cell carcinoma of the lug; Acute is the knife and amperes shall be delivered since it is more human and highly serial like a code of conduct in a … With the institutional approval … The cage is in the past and gas expands up to the limit of … 78 eight cells times 78 sheds times 78 arcanes is not a cabalistic number to be proud of. Oh Merzbow I empathize and dwell on the sound of your theoretical birds – /Oh Metzbow, there are lines within the dreams of animals – they look like cognitive flowers and are not visible to them. It is shamefully ignored that these geometries belong to sound realms. I was one that had to be there – I could no sample the noise they were making upon the … Prepare the electrodes and get a shower because it is practical after every serial bloodbath … I have heard the noises they make and there are 78 in town

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Yours, lopezDoNaDo


Odes to Merzbow 1a – La Matanza (release on aug.11)

Oh dear Merzbow – you that suffers deeply when animals are sacrificed. Oh Merzbow and the Matanza are not for each other, acute sordid sacrifice which often – in vain – the culprit of pain … Start the generator or grab your hopeless knife not like a matador piquet but a grotesque instrument that … Oh Merzbow the serial violations of animal rights and the odd consideration to the … Oh the Matanza and the noise they make. Gas is the end of a night or the start of a life … Prune the picks? Catch @saw “cut ‘apply the electrodes ,..,.,…,..,. Like a futile dissection of 78 abandoned souls at purgatory! Oh Merzbow my friend – you that … Above . The knife vs the electrodes

The music/film release early august … Subscribe to the blog and stay tuned

Yours, lopezDoNaDo

5 Kinds of Tears, part iii – 2011

This is part iii of my current body of work entitled 5 kinds of tears. Catalina de Siena, in her seminal work The Dialog, includes a chapter on which she classifies tears in 5 classes. Following, a prosaic pseudoscientific breakdown of my interpretations and the motivation for these 5 films:

I. Bad Tears: these engender death. They proceed from mortal sin and conduit towards it in a perfectly closed system. These are tears associated with hate, and desperation – they come from disorderly/issolated hearts. Nevertheless, they are considered perfect.

II. Tears of fear: fear to our own sins. They awaken us from sin out of deep fear of falling. These have unfounded motivations since they are not necessarily associated with redemption.

III (this film). Tears from servants: those that are associated with souls seeking to serve but realize the inherited loss and solitude. These gravitate around deprivement from visible consolation and are fundamentally centered on desperation and frustration due to the imperfections of the system. These are inconclusive tears within an open system, yet imperfect.

IIII Perfect tears: are those that emanate from souls that love in a perfect manner. They are based on frustration towards souls described at III.

V Sweet Tears: these are imperfect, yet more elevated that those in IIII and I. They are part of an infinitesimal impulse which occurs within a bilateral stare. At that moment two souls collapse and there is no time for tears to emerge. Nevertheless, they exist theoretically and, although imperfect, still qualify as the most elevated form of tears.